As important as breaking language barriers is, it is incomplete without also breaking the cultural barriers, which are just as prominent as language barriers and can affect communication just as much in the workplace. Global brands cannot but establish their presence in countries around the world but this great move is often impeded or obstructed when a clear understanding of intercultural relationship is lacking and that is where our expert trainers come to help.

Intercultural training at TDSP Language School is aimed at building awareness of cultural norms, as well as enhancing self-awareness and communication skills. We aim to help you understand the differences between cultural actions, communications, and the perceptions of the world around you and your global marketplace.

We understand that this training would:

  • Positively affect the way you conduct your business with foreigners
  • Break down cultural barriers and build your awareness of cultural norms
  • Enhance self-awareness and your communication skills
  • Enhance your learning of foreign languages
  • Enhance your negotiation skills, which simultaneously increases your market value
  • Help your grasp of dynamism of business culture
  • Promote cross-cultural collaboration tactics of organisations

Our training is ideal for:

  1. Employees and professionals working in a global team.
  2. Globalisation consultants
  3. International manufacturers, suppliers, distributors relating with global customers.
  4. International development agencies and global non-governmental organization personnel.

Training Programmes

At TDSP, we deliver our intercultural training programmes globally. We, however, very flexible to customise a tailor-made solution to individual organizations to meet their specific need or requests. We have both online training which is conducted via our intuitive e-learning platform and face-to-face training.

Our bespoke intercultural training courses

HR Across Borders

Marketing and Selling Interculturally

Leading and Managing International Teams

Intercultural Skills Training

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Acumen for Customer Service Professionals

Global Negotiation Skills

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