Having good knowledge of French is vital to our communications with neighbouring Francophone countries and other French-speaking countries. Most citizens of the world have, at least, some basic knowledge of French Language and so should you.

Benefits of studying French

  • Increase your education opportunities
  • French is recognized everywhere in the world as a world language which makes it valuable.
  • Gives you an advantage in the international job market

The Intercultural Training

            As important as breaking language barriers is, it is incomplete without also breaking the cultural barriers, which are just as prominent as language barriers and can affect communication just as much. Intercultural training at TDSP Language School is aimed at building awareness of cultural norms, as well as enhancing self-awareness and communication skills. We aim to help you understand the differences between cultural actions, communications, and the perceptions of the world around you.

We understand that this information would:

  • Positively affect the way you conduct your business with foreigners
  • Break down cultural barriers and build your awareness of cultural norms
  • Enhance self-awareness and your communication skills
  • Enhance your learning of foreign languages
  • Enhances your negotiation skills, which simultaneously increases your market value

At TDSP Language School, we have created a fine-tuned class schedule that makes it easy for our students to become language professionals after eight to nine months of intensive language classes and being intercultural-ly sensitive while going about their everyday lives. The process begins with free introductory language classes for a week. In the Introductory classes, our students get acquainted with the language, thereby getting a picture of how much fun the learning process will be. Then we move on to the beginner level, the intermediate level and the professional level.

  Level   Duration
Introductory Level 1 WEEK
Beginner Level 8 WEEKS
Intermediate Level 12 WEEKS
Professional Level 12 WEEKS

The Intermediate and Professional Level classes run the course of 12 weeks each with the option of language internship for interested students.

Why study at TDSP Language School?

  • Experienced language trainers
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Affordable tuition
  • Flexible mode of payment
  • Opportunity of Internship

At TDSP Language School, we operate in a conducive and stimulating learning environment with the necessary equipment and facilities at our disposal. Our top priority is the joy and success of our language learners while equipping them with language and intercultural skills of international standards.

Book your class NOW. We have both in-class at our Lagos office and our online classes are ideal for distant clients with a tight schedule. Call +234 703 714 2686 for phone instant booking.