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If your company is looking for reliable translators specializing in life sciences, we recommend you to hire a medical translation service that has experience in life sciences terminology. Can you imagine what would result if you hired a translator who lacked the experience in translating your sensitive medical documents? Can your company afford the mistakes of a medical translator who never handled this type of translation before?

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Our translators are experts in their technical fields. With over a decade of experience in the industry, TDSP Translators has been translating documents for hospitals, clinical research companies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and other entities in the Life Sciences industry.

Employing over 500 translators worldwide, we can help with your company’s life sciences translation needs. Besides our professional translators, we have highly trained proofreaders, editors, interpreters and project managers to ensure the highest quality possible for your medical document translations.

Some of the specialties we handle: clinical trials, health care documents, user guides for medical devices, pharmaceutical marketing, and biotechnology patents.

Translation for Life Sciences

Medical translation entails the translation of a range of medical-related texts, including technical, regulatory, clinical, and marketing documentation in the medical field. Medical translation is necessary to ensure that clinicians and patients can provide and intake relevant medical information, understand how to use medical devices, and understand how to use pharmaceutical drugs.

Why Is Medical Document Translation Necessary?

Though many medical translations stem from marketing efforts to target diverse populations or a genuine intent to ensure patients understand all information, often there are legal reasons for medical translations.

Several EU directives concerning both medicines and medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic tests and implantable medical devices, legally mandate that certain information must be available to users. This information must be translated into the official languages of the countries where the product is sold. If the information isn’t translated, the product can’t be legally sold.

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High-Quality, Accurate Medical Translators

TDSP Translators

Whether you are a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company or a Silicon Valley biotech startup, we are here to provide a life sciences translation service that is accurate and precise to facilitate communication between diverse language groups. Our translation for life sciences is priced to meet your budget and deadlines without sacrificing quality. Ultimately, any organization that operates within the medical industry will benefit tremendously from access to strong translation services.

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Just like the medical field, the world of medical translation is vast, encompassing a variety of specialties and sub-disciplines. Our translators know the entire medical field and in-depth knowledge of specialized knowledge areas. Knowledge areas in the medical translation field include:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genetics
  • Geriatrics
  • Immunology


  • Infectious Diseases
  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics


  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Toxicology


Challenges of Life Sciences Translation Service

Medical translation is a highly specialized field of translation due to the highly technical and sensitive nature of documents. Medical translation presents several unique challenges, meaning that translation expertise alone is often not enough to deliver an accurate translation. Medical documents frequently make use of specialized terminology and newly developed concepts that may not even exist in the target language. As the medical field is inherently broad, medical translators need expertise and experience in the sub-discipline or knowledge area to which a document pertains.

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Translation Accuracy

Translators also must be able to tailor text to the audience, which requires a nuanced understanding of cultural norms and language use. While a clinical trial protocol should include precise scientific terms, an informed consent form (ICF) should include everyday terms and language that the subject will understand. Consistency is also key; if a scientific term is being used for a medical condition, as opposed to a colloquial one, translators must maintain this use of terminology throughout the document. Moreover, as with any translation, medical translation must be culturally sensitive, adapted to reflect cultural values.

Types of Medical Translation

Different companies and organizations rely on high-quality translations when expanding into new markets or serving diverse consumer or patient groups, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device companies, research universities, and hospitals. Examples of documents that require specialized medical translation include:

Trials & Testing

  • Clinical Protocols
  • Clinical Trials
  • Medical Research


Forms & Reports

  • Case Report Forms
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Toxicology Reports


Patient Information

  • Patient Information
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Medical Records


Contracts & Applications

  • Drug Registration Documentation
  • Medical Contracts
  • Regulatory Documents


Labels, Manuals & Instructions

  • Pharmaceutical Package Inserts & Labels
  • Physician Manuals
  • Surgical Instructions


Articles & Studies

  • Scientific and Medical Journal Articles
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Peer-reviewed experiments


We have translators specializing in over 70 medical fields. Contact us today at to learn about our experience in your specific medical industry or medical field.

Important: we also provide medical interpreting and medical transcription in locations close to our offices and over the phone nationwide.

Medical Translators: No Room for Error

Got a medical translation project? The bottom line is there is no room for error in medical translation. A failure to use proper medical terminology in surgical instructions or an inability to render pharmaceutical dosage instructions in clear and concise language might be a life-threatening mistake. Because of the life or death nature of many of these documents, medical translation requires a highly specific skillset. A high-quality medical translation requires linguistic mastery with medical expertise to ensure that medical terms are translated and used appropriately and that highly complex medical ideas are rendered logically and clearly.

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Accurate Translation You Can Trust

We offer medical language translation services that are precise and cost-effective to help you meet pressing translation deadlines, avoid costly translation mistakes, and eliminate misunderstandings of medical documents. All of our highly qualified translation professionals are vetted to ensure that they have not only excellent linguistic skills, but also in-depth medical knowledge. All have the education, medical expertise, and work experience in the areas of medicine they translate to ensure accuracy and precision. We will deliver the highest-quality medical translations that meet every industry standard.

Global Translation for Life Sciences

Accurate translation in Life Sciences is a matter of severe importance. Since the field of medicine involves the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of people, it is vital to use a translation service experienced and knowledgeable in documents and terminology typical of the life sciences industry. Mistakes in this translation can prove costly to both your patients and your company, which is why you need a company that specializes in the areas of expertise related to Life Sciences.

In the translation industry, companies in the life science category are a huge provider of business. In fact, they tend to spend up to $200,000 on translation annually since it is such an important part of their business (Common Sense Advisory). Companies in the life science industry have very high standards because they must communicate complex concepts with absolute accuracy and precision. Sometimes, there is no single word that exists in the target language for a specific machine or procedure.

Additionally, life science companies that seek out language service providers usually require that the provider is familiar with the Medical Devices Directive. Without that familiarity, it’s too easy to confuse important medical terms that could mean the difference between life and death when applied to a surgical or technical situation. Life science translations are not easy, which is why they require a translation service that is knowledgeable and reliable. Companies that may use life science translations are:

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
• Medical Device Manufacturers
• Biotechnology Firms

Consistent Medical Terminology

Terminology management is vital in life sciences translations, and it is still an emerging field. Not every translation service is familiar with terminology management, which is what makes it a criterion for many companies serious about their life science translation. When a translation or language service provider follows the guidelines set forth by the standards of terminology management, they guarantee that their linguists are familiar with the medical terminology included in the original version. When a medical text is being translated to a local language, there will be instances in which the medical term does not exist.

Whether the tool is new or the condition is simply too complex to fit into a single word in the target language, it is the linguist’s job to translate it so that it still makes sense as a sentence. To properly create a new definition of the word, the linguist must have knowledge of medical terminology in both languages in addition to his knowledge of the languages’ structures.

Standards for Medical Translations

Life sciences translation service requires up-to-date knowledge of stringent regulatory laws in a variety of countries and regions, including the U.S., the European Union, and Japan. These standards pertain not only to life sciences translation service’s process and procedures, but also to the manufacture and sale of medical products and pharmaceuticals. Examples of these regulatory standards of critical relevance to medical translations include:

  • ISO 13485: ISO 13485 outlines requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.
  • EN 15038: EN 15038 is the European standard for life sciences translation service, designed to ensure a consistent quality of service. The standard includes requirements for compliance with certain common procedures and mandates the monitoring of these processes and procedures especially designed for the execution of translation.
  • ASTM F2575-06: ASTM F2575-06 provides a standardized framework for a clearer understanding between clients and medical translations providers to ensure high-quality translations that meet client expectations.

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Associations in the Medical Translation Industry

  • The Medical Division of the American Translators Association
  • IMIA – International Medical Interpreters Association

Standards in the Medical Industry

  • ASTM – Medical Service Standards and Medical Equipment Standards
  •  FDA CDRH –  Standards for medical Devices
  • MDD – Medical Device Directive

Certification for Medical Translators and Interpreters

  • NYU SCPS – Certificate in Medical Interpreting
  • CMI – Certification for Medical Interpreters


Medical Translators for Important Medical Documents

Here at TDSP Translators, we have translated thousands of medical documents, localized hundreds of medical websites, and have provided skilled, expert advice to highly regulated pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical research and healthcare companies from around the world. Our focus is providing the best life sciences translation service available – we never rest until our clients are satisfied with our professional work. What makes our company so unique compared to other translation companies in the industry is our firm commitment to our clients – we treat each client with the care they deserve. To us, our clients are like family. If your company is looking for the attention and care you deserve, consider TDSP Translators.

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Medical translations require an experienced company. Mistakes in translation for life sciences can cause serious problems which can be avoided if you retain the services of a professional translation company. Here at TDSP Translators, flaws or mistakes are unacceptable.

We take pride in the quality of work we produce, and our consistent quality medical translation brings our clients back to us. If your company is looking for a long lasting, successful relationship with a translation company, The Translation Company is the answer.

Expert Medical Translators

  • Quality comes first. At TDSP Translators, we are dedicated to quality and accurate translation
  • Fast turnaround. We take pride in our 30-50 percent faster turnaround compared to the industry standard
  • Expertise. Your company will be impressed by our medical translation services and the depth of our languages translated
  • Our certified translators are accredited by internationally recognized organizations

That’s not all. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are so confident in our medical translations we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Confidentiality? Yes, we take it seriously. At TDSP Translators, we realize the importance of your company’s sensitive information.