Expert German Translation Services

TDSP TranslatorsGermany’s economy is one of the largest and most productive across the globe. For businesses looking to tap into the German market, having their materials translated into German is the first step to making new corporate and consumer contacts. Over 185 million people speak German worldwide, more than 105 million of which are native speakers. That’s why German language translation is always in high demand, and that’s why our German translation services are valued by our clients.

German Translation Services for Companies

The European Union recognizes German as one of its official languages, as more than 70% of its citizens spread over fifteen of its member nations speak and write in German on a daily basis.

So, you want to take advantage of the German-speaking markets? We are here to help in all your English to German translation and German to English translation projects.

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 German Legal Translation

German legal translation that is human-crafted by professional and certified translators. It doesn’t matter what language is being discussed, legal translation must follow strict industry standards. By using a professional translation service, you increase your professional presence with other businesses and guarantee yourself an accurate legal translation from English to German or German to English.

Business & Document Translation

Supporting German Businesses World-Wide

The reason why German business translation is in high demand these days is because of how useful it for companies looking to connect with German businesses. With a better global economy on the rise, it’s only natural for worldwide commerce to also flourish again. Moreover, German business has always been a booming industry as it is rich with commercial opportunities and lucrative companies like:

  • Adidas
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • SAP

Certified German Translations

At TDSP Translators, our certified translators perform all specialty services that require certified translation. Part of our certified translators’ prerequisites is that they have a complete understanding of the courts in the country where the translation is to be used.

TDSP Translators can provide you with a certified translation that is valid to use in foreign courts as well as those within Nigeria and the United States, with immigration officials, and governmental authorities alike. We guarantee that a professional translator, with an extensive background, will craft your translation document. Also, your certified translation will be thoroughly checked by our industry-experienced proofreaders and project managers, plus the final translation will be certified, signed and sealed by the certified translator.

Financial Documents Translation

Therefore, being prepared with the proper German financial translation can be a vital detail in the success of any business outreach. For your convenience, we have provided this list of examples so that you can better understand the types of financial documents that we translate on a daily basis:

  • Banking Documents
  • Financial Journals
  • Collection Letters
  • Customer Surveys
  • Brokerage Statements
  • Budgeting Forecasts
  • Investment Documents
  • Financial Projections
  • Loan Documents

German Technical Translation

Today’s technologies are changing the way businesses interact with each other, allowing for new opportunities  with innovation and efficiency. As a result, many international companies want to keep their employees and their clients educated and fluent with modern technology, which requires the expertise of translation services. German technical translation is a resource for companies worldwide that are looking to accurately reproduce their technical materials in other languages. We specialize in English to German and German to English for all types of German technical translation, such as, but not limited to:

  • manuals
  • operations guides
  • assembly instructions
  • web design
  • engineering
  • technical writing
  • information technology

Reliable Translation Services

Looking for a reliable German translation company? We provide German translation services in more than 20 different language combinations. Get your important business documents in German translated to other languages to reach your corporate clients around the world. Our two most popular languages pairing German are English to German translation and German to English translation.

In addition to our dedicated project managers, who will go the extra mile to meet your specific needs, TDSP Translators has professional German translators who carefully craft each of your translation assignments. Our translators are also qualified experts working in their particular specialty fields, including: law, finance, business, engineering, advertising, medicine, and many other areas. We are also able to offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) on your projects, assuring you that we will protect the confidentiality of the information you have entrusted to us.

German Translation Services

What We Offer

At TDSP Translators, we provide quality German language translations to hundreds of our satisfied clients. TDSP Translators human translators have in-depth knowledge of the industry or field of your translation. To illustrate, our professional German legal translators working in the legal field are certified and registered with different courts worldwide, which means any translations they produce are accepted as legal and binding.

TDSP Translators management team follows strict quality guidelines to assure that each translation project is completed accurately based on high quality standards, and delivered to the client on time to meet the required deadline.

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TDSP Translators employs native-speaking German translators who craft translations based on their knowledge of language, not software. Our translation services are able to provide professional German translations in a wide variety of fields from German translators who are specialized in the field that the translation is needed. For example, our industry-experienced legal translators will produce your legal translations, and the same formula applies to our business, finance, technical, and desktop publishing translations.

Among many others, our worldwide clients are comprised of law firms, financial companies, international corporations, government organizations, and research development organizations.

German to English & English to German

The most common language pairs that TDSP Translators can provide are German to English translation and English to German translation. English is considered to be a universal language since a large percentage of worldwide businesses use it to communicate every day. German businesses—such as automobile manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and media production houses—can promote their products effectively in English-speaking consumer markets by translating their German materials into English (German to English Translation).

The reverse process can be equally effective for different businesses from English-speaking nations, such as Nigeria, the United States and the United Kingdom targeting German-speaking consumers. Companies looking to expand into these markets can then take advantage of the English to German translation services offered by a professional translation company like TDSP Translators. Our professional English to German translators can translate their documents and materials into German in a time-efficient manner and with pinpoint accuracy.

Document Examples Needing German Translation 

 Operation Manuals  Legal Documents
 Legal Contracts  Bank Records
 Protocols & Patents  Patients’ Medical Histories
 Office Communications  Insurance Documents
 Promotional Materials  Advertisements
 Engineering Texts  Websites and Online Content
 Assembly Instructions  Software Localization
 Medical Textbooks  Documents & Emails
 Magazine Articles  Letters and Correspondence

Growing Interest for German Translation Services

Today, German translation services are an essential tool for corporations operating in international businesses because it can enable them to reach German-speaking consumers in different parts of the world. Businesses that take advantage of German translation make their products and services available to a wider client base, allowing them to increase their revenue by crossing geographical boundaries.

In our current global economy, German translation services are practical for a wide variety of different fields, including finance, engineering, Information Technology, advertising, and legal fields, among others. German translators specialize in one or more such fields in order to provide their clients with German language translations that accurately reflect standardized terminology and maintain the levels of quality associated with the work of informed professionals. These translators not only have linguistic skills, but in-depth knowledge of their specialization fields, ensuring the accuracy and clarity of the final translation.