Confidentiality Terms & NDAs

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Your Information is Safe and Confidential

It is often the case that we translate sensitive and confidential information of our client’s documents. In order to protect your company’s valuable information, it is necessary to hire a company that maintains strict guidelines in handling your sensitive material. At TDSP Translators, we take pride in our commitment to securing our client’s confidential information. Many translation services companies fail to properly protect their customer’s information which can lead to many legal issues.

Your Choice: our NDA or your NDA


It is either we give ours or your own NDA.

Maintaining confidentiality of each project we work on

  • From legal documents to medical records and reports, all translated materials are kept private and safe
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon request
  • Fortune 500 clients who trust our security standards

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Corporate-Grade Security Standards

Whether it be securing your confidential information or providing accurate translation, we are the global leader in providing translation services for a broad range of documents.

If you’re company or firm is seeking the best translation services, consider TDSP Translators. Offering translation services in over 200 languages, we have the resources and manpower to take on any size translation project. Our translation services are known for accuracy, timeliness and efficiency. If you demand quality translation at a cost you can afford, make TDSP Translators your choice.

We guarantee your company will be 100% satisfied with our translation services and we gladly provide unlimited revisions until the job is completed. With a dedicated team of translators, editors, interpreters and project managers, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our translation services. Take the next step and call us today to find which of our translation services is right for you.

We are sure you will be impressed with our committed work ethic, ability to handle sensitive documents and our aim to satisfy your demanding schedule.