TDSP TranslatorsAny communication between two or more people in a business corporation such as board meetings, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, training seminars/workshops, annual meetings, feedback sessions, press meets/conferences, interviews, presentations, Q&A sessions, webcasts, teleconferences etc. is business transcription.

Whatever the area of business your translation may involve, we will assign a specialist transcriber who has in-depth understanding of the relevant subject matter. This could be in areas such as finance and accounting, or human resources. If you require accurate transcription of marketing and advertising materials we will select transcribers who have copywriting experience as well, to achieve an effective, accurate transcription. We ensure that all transcribers handling business transcription service have a proven knowledge of all relevant business practices and theory.

We guarantee that your deadline will be met for your business transcription needs.

TDSP`s business transcription services include:

  • Financial Transcriptions
  • Insurance Claim Transcriptions
  • Corporate Boardroom Transcriptions
  • Management Consulting Transcriptions
  • Conference Call Transcriptions
  • Business Translation
  • Marker Research Transcriptions
  • Focus Group Transcriptions
  • Seminar and Webinar Transcriptions
  • Training Session Transcriptions

Reading through documents is faster than listening through hour-long meetings. Save your executives time and hassle by having important meetings transcribed so that everyone on your team can quickly catch up, and more importantly, review your meetings so as to ensure you’ve not missed any critical information. All of your business translation needs are addressed and handled by our trustworthy experts.

TDSP Translators acts as an extended arm of many businesses by catering to their transcription requirements. Whether it is the audio file from an important business meeting or a video of the annual shareholder meeting, we provide accurate quick transcription for all business needs.

Our efficient, punctual service allows you to focus on more essential and critical tasks. All of our transcription services deliver to corporate houses which are governed by strict timelines mentioned in the signed Service Level Agreements. FBA listing translation and documentation required to sell your products in various countries is a specialty of ours. From making sure your listing is translated in a way that makes the marketing content read correctly to the target audience, to ensuring that your keywords for your product listing are properly manifested, we are your one-stop-shop for translating text for all FBA sellers content. That also goes for your business documents that you are need to have translated when setting up that new company in the new amazon marketplace. If you are looking for translation into any marketplace, let us help!

Types of Business Translation:

  • Corporate Meetings/Minutes
  • Earnings Calls Transcription
  • Web Conferences Transcription
  • Board Meetings Transcription
  • Statements
  • Webcast Transcription
  • Workshop transcription
  • Planning Transcription
  • Phone Interviews Transcription
  • Product Launch Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • Seminars
  • Conventions